As the demand for homes exceeds supply in markets across the U.S. and especially here in San Diego, homebuyers may feel like they are facing an uphill battle to find the right home this spring. 

While many Buyers can search for homes on various websites from their own computers and mobile devices, a false sense of the market is created. That the homes are out there - just waiting to be bought. It isn’t until they start taking the first serious steps towards purchasing that  they realize a home on the computer today is likely sold tomorrow. The market is that fast.

In competitive markets like this, it’s important that homebuyers work with a Realtor.  Realtors have specialized knowledge of the market, know what is available, what is not available, and what will be available. Helping them through the challenges of finding the right home in a seller’s market. Hiring a Realtor that is focused on working directly with buyer, will make the difference between being a home-looker or a home-owner. 

If you're ready to purchase, and want to hire a Realtor, a professional, someone that will make it happen... Call me.